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PDA Scanners

Sumni L2

PDA Charging


Score Board

with UPS

Receiving Screen

with Scanner & UPS

Production Screen

with UPS

People Scanner

PDAs for Stock or Tasks

Retail pre-approved equipment that links seamlessly into our eco-system.

Because we know that staff lose chargers and cables, we have had our own customized Charging Hub designed. Cables and Chargers remain safe, equipment is charged as required - and always available


Sumni L2s Range

Charging Hub

for 4 PDAs

Score Board

A 23" Touch Screen with our customized ​Web Application to keep you updated ​all the time.

The screen is fitted to a wall bracket ​that includes a UPS and customized ​housing, so your display is never off.

Supplied with a steel hanger, wall plug ​and screws for quick wall mounting.

Score Board

Touch Screen with integrated UPS

Receiving Goods

Full Touch Screen with cordless Scanner ensures you can quickly ​scan in delivered stock.

Our customized software recognises if the shrink or crate barcode ​is not on the Database and adds the new barcode to the product ​barcode, so it keeps growing without needing product updates. ​That means the Database is always updated and accurate.

Supplied with a steel hanger, wall plug and screws for quick wall ​mounting.

Stock Scanner

with integrated UPS

Multi Use screens

Designed to manage HMR, Bakery and other ​Production Depts, the full touch device provides a live ​view of the work flow, at any time.

And the progress bar keeps everybody updated.

Now stock is available on time.

Production Manager

Touch Screen with integrated UPS

Managing Staff to Shopper ratios

Measuring if the necessary Staff are available when more Shoppers need assistance - be it at the Checkout or at one of the service counters like the HMR counter.

The ShelfLink solution includes an overhead Infrared and movement sensor to count the number of Staff servicing any counter.

As with all the other information it reports back to the Score Board to ensure Managers and Owner know what is happening on the Floor.

Tracking Staff to Shopper Ratios

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ShelfLink Support

For all Support reach us at:

Mobile or Whatsapp: 072 884-7585


New Business, Invoicing and Subscriptions

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